Repairing the Control Cable Assembly on a Craftsman Push Mower

paulnufferMay 31, 2008

As a disclaimer, I purchased this lawn mower yesterday, thinking it would be fun to learn how to fix it up. It IS a mess, and I didn't do it :)

The mower has a problem with the control cable assembly. Down at the mower end of it, there are two parts that are pulled together or pushed apart when the control bar at the top of the mower is lowered or released. The cable is still present, as are the two pieces on the engine that must be pulled together. Also, it appears those pieces should have a spring there, to reset them to the original position when the control bar is released.

I suppose what I need to ask is, what would I call those two pieces that move together when the control bar is depressed? And what would I call the spring?

Heck, if anyone has a good starting website or book for lawn mowers, that would be cool, too!

Thanks for your time,


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Go to the Sears parts website and enter the mower#. Probably something like 917.xxxxxx

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I know what that thing is really called, but some here have another, unprintable name for it! And yes, there should be a spring on it.
What it does is act as a flywheel brake, when you release the bail on the main handle bar. Since the mfgrs can't control some fools actions, and they can do stupid things, that thing is useful for keeping fools fingers and toes out of the works. If it runs, and shuts off when you want it to, and you have enough smarts to keep your extremities out of the works, then don't worry about it. If it doesn't run without it, most mower repair shops will have some around.
It is called a flywheel brake. But, you must remove the flywheel to replace it, as the mfgrs made it that way, so some fools couldn't remove it, without some work.

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