Craftsman mower-free!

rustyj14(W/PA)May 3, 2011

A friend told me, if i came over to his house, he'd give me his old Craftsman self-propelled mower for free! Best words i like to hear.

so, off i go to his home. He trotted out the worst looking Craftsman mower i have seen for quite a spell. One of the green ones. The front tires were worn smooth, the thing was awful looking, the handle bars had that spread-eagle look, and he said he used it to mow the grass in the dog pen! OOOOHHH!!

Well, i figured the parts alone would be worth something. I gave it a drink, pulled the rope 4-5 times, and it ran well! WOW!

I scavenged 2 good front wheels from a parts mower out back, fixed the goofy air filter. The bolt had twisted out of its bracket. Found the blade was on upside down-the guy isn't much of a mechanic--sharpened it and put it on right way. I scraped 1077 lbs. of dead grass out of the deck area, greased the wheels, and today is shine-up day. Although---3 or 4 weeks of rain most every day doesn't bode well for mowing the front or back yards! I'll need a sickle bar, tractor drawn mower soon, if the rain don't stop!

A good friend came in yesterday, so i loaded him up with a bunch of weed wackers, and a leaf blower, a lawn sweeper, and some other things. Most of them do run, and he said some things i gave him last summer, worked good, too. At 86 YOA, its time to clear out the good stuff, and junk the rest. If it ever dries up here!

Rusty Jones

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Since the mower was used in the dog pen,
I'm guessing all of the 1077 lbs. that
you scraped off the underdeck was not
all grass clippings. Just a guess though.

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