Guard Pig

tinfoilhatSeptember 29, 2010

Been lurking here for awhile thought I would try posting one of my critters. I have a pond on my property that draws in a lot of strange wildlife here in the desert so I built a guard pig. Actually this is the second one I built, the first one ran off with a sweet talking havalina. Made from old air tank with exhaust pipe ears and VW engine cylinder snout.

Image link:

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That is incredible! I hope you share more with us, and let us know a bit about you if you don't mind. I'm thrilled another Arizonaian has showed up here!

May I put your delightful pig in our metal inspiration album?

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Marlene Kindred

VERY cute! I've been looking at ideas for a couple of air tanks that my DH has...your guard pig is really cool!

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Cute cute cute! I want to see more please!

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That is adorable, you did a great job. I love the pink.

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kelly_oh(OH z6)

LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

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Now THAT'S a pig I could live with !


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Now, no one can DARE SAY that ...that's a bunch of "hog wash!" Not this cute pink piggie! Great recycling! Jeanne S.

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

Suuuu-weeeet!!! And to think you don't even have to feed it!! That's pretty creative & darling!

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Great recycling & conversation starter!! Jan

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Way cutE! BUT, is it keeping all the other
sweet talkin' creatures away???? ahahahahaha

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sorie6(6b ok.)

WAY cute!!! We have a small tank that DH just bought at a GS thinking he could use it. But it's going to cost $40 for the thing that the propane hose hooks to. Does this make sense??
It would make a cute pig or ? How do you get the thing off the top of the tank where the hose hooks up. Don't you have to be careful if doesn't blowup or something?

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I am a terrible gardener, I can overwater a cattail. Last year I had to buy a new microwave and the one I got is an alpha personality. Normally I wear my tinfoil hat and it blocks the voices in my head but he has a very dominate personality. To make a long story short he suggested I give up murdering the plants I buy and fill the place with yard art made from found objects. Results have been mostly positive, I'm cleaning up my little corner of the planet and potted plants no longer scream and burst into tears when I walk into Home Depot.

Thank you for your comments and you may use any of the pictures I post for your album.

I don't recommend using propane tanks. Things can go wrong with catastrophic effects. Freon and helium tanks are not refillable and just fill up the dump. They have thinner walls and require a little more skill but much safer. Check with an air conditioning shop or party store.
I will post a critter made from helium tank.

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I love your adorable pig! He would look right at home with my metal junk birds Screech and Quackers. I'll have to be on the look out for a safe air tank that would make a great pig. Wonderful job and I hope you share more of your garden art with us!

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So cute. Love your garden thumb outlook. No watering, but just as nice as flowers. Would love to see more of your creations.

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Drat! My pig isn't even close to complete and he's been waiting in the half-done pile for a long time. You did a great job so I'll leave mine half-done.
I used the blades from a post-hole digger for the ears, and one of those screw-in-the-ground dog tethers for the tail. And of course I used a propane tank.

Hey Karen, I live in Nevada but my spirit lives in Arizona.

I have a new blue glass sculpture I'm going to post right after I eat.


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

One fine pig!

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loribee2(CA 9)

Ha! That pig makes me smile, and you are cracking me up! Thanks for bringing it to the forum. Like the others said, I hope you post more. This one's adorable!

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I'm just sitting here smiling at your him/her.

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