B&S mower engine runs rough

nick_nlMay 15, 2013

I have a mower engine that all of the sudden has started to run a bit rough. The throttle goes up and down at regular intervals (smoke comes out of the air intake of the carb when it slows) and when I set engine speed to a minimum it cuts off. The model number is 28T707 and the type is 1154E1.

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Fresh fuel?

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Typical sign of fuel starvation. If you are able, shut off the fuel valve or otherwise stop the flow of fuel from the tank to the carb. Remove a possible wire at the bottom of the fuel bowl and unscrew the solenoid or bolt. Catch the fuel and check for water, but probably the jet under that bolt is varnished up.

Do this on a cold engine.

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Hey baymee, I removed the fuel bowl and cleaned the bowl piece of some debris. Do you have a link to a photo of the clog that I should be looking for, nothing obvious to me stuck out.

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I'd suggest going to the Briggs site and downloading the IPL for your engine.
It'll have some "exploded" views of the carb.

Is your carb the Walbro or Nikki?

It doesn't show a fuel solenoid.

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I just started the mower again this weekend and it's running alot better now. I'll update if it starts happening again. It's been a decent mower for being 15 years old.

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