toro gts mower 6.5 hp engine will not start

fred96May 6, 2008

I have the above mentioned mower with a 22" deck on it and I cannot get it to stay running. I purchased it from the woman we bought the house from, and she included the instruction manual and everything, I just don't know WHEN she purchased it. But judging by the looks of it, it seemd like a relatively newer mower(maybe three years old at that)

I put fresh gas in it, changed the oil, spark plug, and air filter and the only way I can get it to fire at all is if I take the Air filter off and pour gas directly into the carb. Even then it will only fire for a second or two before shutting down. The only way to keep it running is to push the primer while it is going. So my thought is that the fuel line might be clogged. I did not run my engine dry last year because I thought I was going to get one more cut in before the winter hit, so I'm told that stale gas could be the problem.

However, I have a firend who has the same mower and he did not run his dry last year either and the damn thing started right up this year. I'd rather not have to take this anywhere to get it fixed becasue I'm really short on cash right now. Can anyone help?

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What engine?
Brand, Model, Type?

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I have the same mower with the exact same problem. It has a Tecumseh:
Engine Family: 3TPXS. 1951BC 195cc
Model: LEV120
Spec: 362003A
Warr: D
Dom: 02322

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Carb is probably plugged up.

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That's a Tecumseh engine.
IF the carb has a metal bowl, the brass nut holding it on is the MAIN JET.
Clamp off the fuel line, remove the jet and clean the holes out with a fine wire, like the wire tie from a loaf of bread.
IF it's a plastic bowl carb, get a new bowl kit. You might also want to drain the old fuel and dump it in the car.

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I had the same problem, of course it started right after the warrantee expired. I went to a lot of forums to see what I could find. Followed all the suggestions. The first one that worked was changing the spark plug, only temporarily.
I was ready to pitch the dang thing. My last ditch effort was added a healthy slug of gumout to the tank. The only time I have had a problem since was when I didn't add it. So now every time I put in gas, I add a dash of the gum out.
The only thing I can think of is the fricking ethanol in the gas now.
I hope it works for you.

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Bill Kapaun's answer is the right one, but if you just tilt the mower up on its wheels so the carb is high and dry, you don't have to clamp the fuel line. The trouble-maker hole in the jet is the tiny one on an angle at the top of the threads (if so equipped - there are several designs of the bolt). After using the wire tie (stripped of paper, of course), blast with carb spray and rod it again with the wire. If you use Marine Sta-Bil for Ethanol fuels every time you fill your gas can, you can do away with most problems you're likely to encounter in the fuel system of the mower.

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Here's an example:

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Zen and the art of lawn mower maintenance!

Thanks guys, you saved me a lot of heartache. A guy I called said "2 weeks before I can get to it" In round about fashion, I ended up tuning up the mower myself (try this try that), new filter, spark plug and oil change, scrape down the blade area. Nothing! Then I ran through your procedure and presto, 1 pull and runs great!

Thanks to Bill, saxman and baymee (never would have figured out where the hole was without the photo cause of the clog). God bless you guys for taking the time!

Here is a link that might be useful: ComeToLowell

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I found that the primer bulb does not work very well as it ages on TEC engines. Prime the mower at least 10 times and it will start. Don't worry abought flooding the carb. Should start 100% of the time.

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The rubber gasket on the bulb broke off. Does it need to be replaced? Where can I obtain one?

Also the gas tank is dirty & I suppose the lines, too. Is it necessary to clean them? How?

On another note, I live near where your Lowell Jack Kerouac lived his last days and died. Do you want photos of his house and the hospital he died in?

I have attached one of my irrelevant web sites.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frank's Korean Buddhist Site

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bill_kapaun's explanation was perfect as is bayman's picture.

Saxman1's suggestion to jack up in mower in the front was also helpful.

You can also go to the Toro website and get the part's catalog. You will need your model and serial # which are which is under the grass catcher hinged door. The official name of the nut is a High speed bowl nut which is at the bottom of the 'Float bowl'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toro's web site

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Thanks, but that's not what I meant. You raise the side of the mower with the carb and let it stand on the other side's wheels - like pouring out the oil for a change. Raising the front of the mower might help a little but is not really the trick.

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My mower has been idle for about 2 months and wouldn't start but the 10 pushes of the primer bulb did the trick for me.

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I'm having the same issue. I just picked one up from a gentleman who hadn't used it in over a year due to being in bad health. I changed out the plug, clean gas, oil, sprayed out the carb and cleaned out the main jet. Still only able to get it to run for a few seconds from the priming. Any other ideas?

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Fuel injector cleaner (concentrated) 2 ounces within fresh fuel ...should clean it out within 30 minutes .

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I had the same problem for the past two years. Was ready to throw away the mower. Out of desperation I found this information on this web site. I cleaned out the two holes on the brass valve, and sprayed the entire area with brake cleaner. Happy to say the mower no longer stalls out every 30 seconds. Thanks!!!

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Worked like a charm!!!!!! Very good info.

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Thank You!

I have a 6.75 GTS model that has always ran like a charm with normal care. I've used the mower four or five times this season and suddenlly last week it would run (lower idle than normal) and then stall. I knew it had to be a fuel issue so I cleaned everything that supplied fuel...except the main jet!

Duh...As someone who regularly used to break down their 2-stroke dirtbike after so many hours, I felt kind of stupid. I cleaned the jet with the wire, hit it with some carb cleaner, and she fired right up, and stayed started.

Priming the bulb the extra number of times seemed to help too.

Saved me some dough, thanks again.

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I have a problem just like this one my toro was running pretty good only thing was you had to pump it everytime u started it even if you just shut it off for a second after running it for 30mins my partner decided to clean the ball out now the pump leaks when u pump it and for a day we were pouring gas in the carb to get it started now after we do that it just stalls out im not sure what he did and either is he i wish he would have left it alone the season is almost over this isnt my post so if anyone has any advice for me please email me at i am going to try and get it fixed myseld tomorrow afternoon thank you. Greg

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Get a spray can of carburettor cleaner. If they sell Berryman's B 12 Chemtool get that as well. Use the engine numbers to buy a new primer bulb. A broken bulb is a vacuum leak. If you have been pouring gas into it, you may as well buy a new plug. Take the old plug with when you go shopping. That is about 10$ worth of stuff.

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