Sod is brown! Need some help please!!

Jess622June 4, 2014

I am new to this forum so I apologize for using wrong terms or posting incorrectly. We laid the sod four weeks ago after we prepared the area. The sod was rooted, green and thick it was absolutely beautiful! A few days ago my husband mowed the lawn. After we mowed we picked up most of the clippings and there was still a few high spots so the following day we borrowed a neighbors mower with a bag and my husband mowed the lawn again. The following day the lawn is brown everywhere! The thickness is gone and its a dull green or brown! The grass also looks like straw in spots! There are no grubs so I'm going to guess he over mowed the sod. Please help! We can not afford to spend another 400 to resod. I've continued to water it the past 2 days twice a day and nothing it's getting worse.

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Since you haven't had any response, I will try to help. If the sod is 4 weeks old, is it possible that watering twice a day is too much? Is that area saturated? I see lawn chairs, have you been sitting in that area? Could it be damage due to traffic? What was the quality of the soil in that area? Any different from the rest of the lawn?

I dont think it's possible to harm the lawn by mowing too often. In fact the grass looks a little long.

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