Patches of lawn laying down

roffill(MD)June 12, 2013

I live in Maryland and have a Tall Fescue lawn. I mow at 2-3 inches and bag. I only water during dry spells, and then only once a week and deeply. So far this season nature has provided plenty of rain. I generally fertilize with the Scotts program but skip the summer feeding. During the moist transition from spring to summer I spray the lawn with Immunox a couple times to prevent fungal diseases. Soil PH is good. Over the years I've run into this problem where in certain spots the grass will start turning light green, the blades will become fine, and will lay flat. Mowing doesn't lift and cut the blades, and after a few mowings, I can run my fingers through these spots and lift the blades, and they have become very long and thin-bladed,, and their mid sections are straw colored and the ends are still green. Eventually these spots will die, and then I can easily pull the grass out. There is no cotton or powder or webbing. Sometimes I think the Immunox has helped but now I'm not so sure as it is persisting. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Sounds like Poa Triv. Pics?

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Thanks for responding. See the bottom of this message for a link to some pictures.

The matted down grass is thin-bladed and light green, and the middle of the blades tend to be straw-colored. I never see any seed-heads on the blades, but maybe its because I don't let them get that long, or they mat down and die before then.

Thank you!


Here is a link that might be useful: Possible Poa Trivialis?

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Looks like Triv, sounds like Triv. Ugh. Several threads on this scourge here on the forums. Without drastic measures, not many have had much luck getting rid of it. Many have resigned to live with it until a selective herbicide is released. Some have had luck with Tenacity, but most have not.

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Does it also pull up easy? Poa triv has shallow roots and spread by stolons. I had a huge area of it last year. I tore it out and replaced with new sod. But first i hit it with a couple rounds of Round up a week or so apart.

It goes dormant in the hot dry weather so wait til it's actively growing and then go after it. I am not saying it won't come back,I had to remove a few small spots this spring. I went the resodding route because Tenacity didn't work for me, according to the label it says nothing about controlling triv anyway but I gave it a shot.

But get a positive ID before you start tearing up your lawn.

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Thank you. I haven't tried pulling any up while green, but when it is brown and matted down it does pull up very easily. For a while I thought it was grubs because of the way it pulled up, but I'd never see any underneath. I've also thought it was a fungus disease, and I've treated the whole lawn with Immunox. sometimes I think it helps, other times, maybe it is my imagination!

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