Natural seeding of lawn

krnuttleJune 1, 2011

In the past I have avoided mowing when the grass is going to seed on the idea that the grass growing from the new natural seed will improve the quality of the yard.

What are your opinions of this practice.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

What kind of grass and seed are we talking about?

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tuck479 know, before I started reading this board, I used to let my Bermuda grow tall enough until the whole yard was covered with the seed heads. I would then adjust the mower to just clip the seed heads thinking that this would be a weekly natural seeding of my Bermuda. I have no idea if that is even true or not, just an assumption. I have now realized that allowing the seed heads means that my Bermuda is waaaay to high. On the link provided someone stated that hybrid Bermuda seed heads are sterile anyway....

Here is a link that might be useful: How does one identify Bermuda by type?

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This house was built in 1968 in Indianapolis In., and I have owned it for about 8 years. I looked at the link posted and believe I have either a different grass or a hybrid Bermuda. I did not realize that grass seed was a mostly hybrid, and the seed would be root and probably go to a courser grass.

So I will cut before the seed heads appear and buy grass seed.

Thank yo

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I seriously doubt that you have bermudagrass in Indianapolis. It would be helpful if you could post a picture.

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Billl(z7 nc)

In zone 5, you definitely don't have bermuda - most likely Kentucky Bluegrass.

As for letting the grass go to seed, it is pretty useless. Grass seed takes an extended period of time to mature. Even if it does mature, many grasses don't set viable seed. Even if it is viable, most grass doesn't come true from seed. Even if it does come true from seed, most grass requires weeks of constant watering to produce decent seeding results. The deck is really stacked against just letting nature do its thing. After all, you never see a "natural" field of 1 particular grass growing with the density of a lawn.

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