New Bottle Tree

kirkus(5a)September 15, 2011

Planted a new bottle tree...still need 8 more blue bottles. Need to get my wife Carol to sip a bit more wine (in blue bottles!). :o) Love the Black-Eyed Susans with the blue of the bottles. :o) Bear Hugs! Kirk

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

That's a really nice one Kirk! I can't quite make out how its made. Did you make it?

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Love your bottle tree, Kirk. I also like your wooden ladder with fencing attached. I can see a bloomimg clematis climbing it. (In my mind's eye, of course) Also like your Black-Eyed Susans. I have some of them. Thanks for sharing.


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Marlene Kindred

What a gorgeous combination of colors! One of my favorites!

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I love the blue bottles with the black eyed susans. What a gorgeous color combination in the garden. Carol better hurry up and tip some more bottles! :) ~Micki~

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Lovely, blue looks great with the Susans, now is that bird a ghost or what!!Its above the 2nd bottle down from top,on the right & sitting on the ladder,it's white with a pink eye. Is it real?? Jan

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Your bottle tree looks very rustic & I also love that yellow & blue combo! Very nice ...Jeanne S.

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Kirk I love this tree. Please tell us what you made the tree out of. It looks like maybe you used wire clamps for the branches???

And is that bird a ghost? Pretty spooky.

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That looks so pretty, perfect setting for a blue bottle tree. Sorry you have to 'force' Carol to drink more wine.
I finally found the ghost bird. By copying your photo and cropping down to the area that Jan said. cool is that!!

Smick, its GREAT to see you again here!

hugs, Karen

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Momof6(8a La.)

Wow it takes a while to find it...but once you find it it very clear...

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Thanks for the nice comments. I love the new bottle tree as it sits outside our bedroom window and we enjoy it often, especially on sunny days. :o) I purchased the bottle tree through the Gardener's Supply catalog with a coupon Carol found. I paid a bit more for it but it is so strong and sturdy. I'll post a link.

Jan, I see the "ghost bird"! Went outside and bird! Hmmmm... There is an empty bird's nest up above on the top of that ladder trellis. I just couldn't remove it as the bird had worked so hard to make it. A natural garden decoration. :o)

Thanks, everyone! Bear Hugs! Kirk

Here is a link that might be useful: Bottle Tree

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