Safety Question - Growing food plants in tins / cans?

pollux(7a)September 5, 2011

Is it safe to grow herbs and vegetables in old tins / cans?

Do corrosion and rust leech anything in the soil?

Tin and tinplated cans sometimes leech tin into the food inside them.


They are frequently now lined with coating on the inside to prevent this leeching. Ironically the coating also leeches into the food.



I ask because I save the large-ish tins I open to use as pots.

I try to only save the unlined tins, (I think you can tell by the colour inside?)

But what about the metal itself?

Metals can be very toxic. Tin is toxic in high amounts.

If I plant food in them, will the plants absorb any of the metals over time?

What about as the tinplate corrodes and the steel underneath rusts?

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Wouldn't it be fine to put the plants in a plastic liner/pot or water bottle with holes cut to fit the tins?

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

this article seems to suggest that the coating is safe. Plus tin and other metals that leach into the soil don't end up in the plant, or if they do sometimes that is ok. (iron) They combine with other elements and substances in the soil.

I think it is bad to grow food in rubber tires.


Here is a link that might be useful: epoxy lining in food cans

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