unqiue metal creations

PurplemoonSeptember 6, 2011

Our Luna posted a Photobucket slideshow of when Campbell visited her. On the 'Conversation' side. I am not sure how many of you might have checked it out, so I wanted to be sure to encourage you to go see the place she visited.

Its the largest scrap metal junk critter place! The guy created some of the weirdest, not to mention biggest, things imaginable.

Tin, and Marlene's DH, might especially love seeing it all.

The first few pix in the slideshow are Campbell but then a lot of photos of the iron critters!

Enjoy, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Luna's pictures

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Thanks for pointing this out and Luna thanks for getting these great shots. I have heard of this place and seen some pictures but nothing this close up or quality. Great pictures!!!!!

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Amazing! That place is unbelievable. Dr.Every certainly has an imagination. The rock/gem creations are beautiful. Campbell surely had a fascinating time visiting with Luna.


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Marlene Kindred

Woowee.....I'd be frightened if John wanted make something that big! Of course, it might come in handy with our obnoxious neighbor! ;-) Thanks for the link, I'm sure that DH will love them! I'd sure like to get my hands on one of those metal gazebos that's in one of the pictures.

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I really love visiting these places. I have been to almost all of the primitive artist sites in Wisconsin.

Tom Every is a wonder. He started out as a demolition expert. Apparently he thinks like us but on a much bigger scale since he figured out ways to use huge pieces of scrap metal. I would love to see the PBS special about the Forevertron. I will have to look for it online. All of his creations were done without plans or blueprints. Pretty amazing when you see the scale of the sculptures. He also helped to put together another crazy Wisconsin tourist site - House on the Rock.

The Dickeyville Grotto is an example of what happens when people get bored in Wisconsin. If you have ever followed my road trip pictures, you'll know there are a number of sites I have visited where people got a little bored and started creating crazy junk art. Most of the sites are people's backyards.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures and thank you Karen for posting them on this side!

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