toro gas/electric starter not working - short vsn

mvronMay 10, 2010

The battery is good - 12.9 volts. I checked the voltage all the way through both the connector coming out of the battery and the connector going to the starter switch (I removed the black wire from the engine block and the red wire from the starter switch). When I re-connected those two wires to the block and the starter switch I get nothing.

Ideas. thanks for ideas.

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You recently posted a question to paul in category Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc.): QUESTION: I have a Toro model 20074, SN 270000325. The battery is good at 12.9 volts. I have followed the connectors - using the start bar and the key switch for testing - so the current is running all the way through. The voltmeter test show good ratings all the way to the start switch. The activation bar to the start switch lever is working. No contact at that point. Have not had the machine that long so I don't know if the start switch/starter is bad. The connectors show good voltage all the way to the starter switch - then nothing. Ideas. Thanks .. Ron ANSWER: hi ron from what you tell me sounds like the key switching assy is bad- is the fuse good ? use a test light with the clip end clipped to the neg battery terminal and touch the probe to the wire you want to check for live feed and is there any flow out of key switch ? while key is turned to start - check the red wire out of starter switch for voltage should be 12 volt d/c if none ......

I have followed the voltage all the way to the black/red wire on the last connector(the red wire slides on the lever of the starter). When I pull the last red wire off of the starter lever switch and test it with the black ground wire on the engine block, it shows voltage. When I re-connect the last red wire to the starter lever switch on the mower starter, there is no voltage. I put a new starter key switch (the one twords the mower handle with the key) - no change.

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