Weed and Feed on Bahia grass

svdbybld(9)June 25, 2007

Any suggestions on using weed and feed on argentine Bahia. And yes I want to keep the Bahia. Brand? Does it really work?

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A lot of herbicides kill bahia so you'd be better off sticking with fertilizer. Unfortunately for you a lot of fertilizer also kills bahia because it can be easily burned. If you can find fertilizer designed specifically for centipedegrass, you might try that. 15-x-x comes to mind Don't wast time with weed and feed. I would aslo warn against fertilizing bahia. It will take over and grow too aggressively for any human to keep up with by mid july. There may be other conditions that are creating a challenge for you such as shade or competition for moisture and nutrients.

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Thanks for the info. I have been using a 16-4-8 (Ferti-lome) Fertilizer and Milorganite. 16-4-8 seems to be reccomended for Florida Lawns. But Iave seen some weed and feed for bahia and was curiou. My lawn looks great right now, but I do cut it every 3-5 days. It has gotten really thick and dense and choked out most of the weeds. But there is still some. I know most people do not like Bahia lawns but it works for me. I have no sprinkler system so St. Augustine is out of the question.

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