ceramic tiles

camjSeptember 3, 2010

I have a lady in our local home decorator store that gives me all their discontinued display stock. Any ideas with what to do with about 12 1 foot square pieces of ceramic tiles. All different colors. Had them for a couple of years. If you guys can't think of anything they will have to move on! I have a two year limit. I live in a townhome but I am in charge of the flower gardens so have been able to put a few of your ideas into them. I do have friends though that are thrilled I live in a townhome because they get all my creations. I just enjoy making them. Too lazy to go out and try and sell them. That sounds like work.

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kelly_oh(OH z6)

Break'em up and mosiac with them :)

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Glue four of them together in a box shape to make a "pot surround" to disguise ugly flower pots. Post pics so we can see them! Ideas are easier with pics.

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I was going to make the same suggestion as tasymo! How does that go? Great minds think alike? he-he I hope you find a good use for them!

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I too am always looking for ideas for tile. I make a lot for Relay for life with the 4x4 tiie by putting the logo on or sayings or pictures on them and sealing with mod podge or spraying with laquer and glueing a wire on back to hang. You could put a picture on the big tile, cover it with the clear shelf paper, then measure out squares on it and add some big flat marbles for tic tac toe games, glue marbles on the bottom for trivits, make a roof on your bird house, paint numbers on for address. Have fun...

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I remembered a house warming gift I made a friend, I found a cute napkin holder in her theme and put some felt squares on the bottom of the tiles for trivits and put them in the napkin holder , she loved it, so easy to put it out of the way or where she needed it for a party...

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Ceramic tile is beautiful! I don't know how long they would last outside but I would use them in my gardens by either painting or mod-podging garden sayings on them...& then just lean the tile against a rock among the flowers. Also this vinyl lettering that is sold may be an option. Jeanne S.

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I like the bird house roof idea!

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I've wanted to make wall art. Take a few of those tiles, place them randomly layered, overlapping, side by side, or corners matching. Then, watch for the unique pieces at Lowe's or one of those places to get some clearanced ones & add the smaller ones on top. I've picked up some cheap glass & metallic ones! You could also use stones, mirror pieces, globs, beads, etc., anything.

My Lowe's tile section sells a big bin full of broken or discontinued tiles for only $5 - almost the price of just the bin! I've picked up random beautiful tiles from their clearance tables for 10cents up. They have those 6" long skinny pieces that go btwn your 4x4 pieces & top beveled piece. Some look like rope or carved & I've gotten them for 25cents.

We're redoing our LR & I hope to make a nice artsy piece for the wall. Properly finished, sealed, these could go outside on a fence.

If yours aren't fancy, their still fine for the background.

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If these tiles are solid colors as opposed to pattern pieces you can frame them into a note board, or several small note boards. Then use dry-erase markers to write on them. I have one by the back door and one by the entrance to the garage, I use Sanford Expo® chisel tip markers - comes off with a dry cloth. Because the markers come in different colors you could be real creative matching the marker to the tile.

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Cut out a design, glue on the tile, hang it on the wall, and supply a marker. The possibilities are endless. Here is an example:

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