I need to recharge battery 12v in cub cadet mower

speckspeck(jersey)May 30, 2008

bought a cub cadet used, no battery charger with it but the website wants 28 bucks for a 12 volt charger...can i use the 4-way chargers they sell at radioshack , it has those round type fittings that look similar. I already have one but I just want to know if it is safe for the possible overload or something

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it is sealed leadacid 2.3Ah about 8x2x2inch 12v, battery pops out and is protected by a fuse marked 40auto ...Now I find the round connector on the radioshack RADIOCHARGER is too small to fit onto center pin,...my auto recharge battery has a slow charge feature for both 6 and 12 volt ....will that work? I would be protected by the fuse if i connected it on the upside of the fuse wouldn't I?

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What is an "auto recharge battery"?

You have to be somewhat cautious of the "battery eliminator" type devices.
Many of them "leak" a lot of AC voltage along with the DC component. If you have a volt meter, test the device on the AC scale and see if you have noticeable AC.

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"sorry" should read "MY AUTO BATTERYCHARGER etc". As it was an ordinary transformer that put out 300mA 12v from radioshack had a 4way fitting for the 12volt socket that fit exactly, of the round type. I woke up the next morning and had a full charge on the battery and started the mower right up....worked fine but the transformer was rather hot...guess it will go on me sooner /later. A tricklecharge feature on the car's battercharger puts out 2 amps so I would guess that might be pushing it. This is the walk-behind electric start mower from cubcadet btw.

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Do not use the car battery charger. The battery in your mower is a sealed lead acid battery.(AKA Gel Cell) Even 2 amps will overcharge it and very likely could explode it. No kidding. The correct charger probably has an auto- shutoff feature. That's why it's 28 bucks. Worth it to not blow up the battery.

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I wouldn't want to even try, my method worked well without frying the wiring inside the battery which is very expensive to replace...btw...with no automatic shutoff you should use a plug in timer from your christmas lights like i did, set for 4 hours so nothing gets too hot. That applies to your car battery as well if you don't plan to sit there for 4 hours.

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