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Calamity_J(z7bc)September 3, 2011

I wanted to post this on this side cuz I know Flagtuck posted on this forum also(then we all sorta gravitated to the mosaic/stainedglass forum>ya'll got sick of us here!lol!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Sad News

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calamity...thank you for posting...I do not personally know Flagtuck but I do know how many become such good friends on this Garden Web. Hugs to you & good thoughts to her sister & family & friends. Jeanne S.

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DIdn't flagtruck have a different GJ name ? Anyway -- it just breaks my heart . All the good people just go too soon. Thanks for letting us know.

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I am sorry to hear this news.
She did not post here as often as the Mosiac forum
but I always looked forward to seeing what she was up
to. She was always busy with a project!
My prayers to her family.

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For those who want to see some of her work, I just entered 'flagtruck' in the search at the bottom of the main page for the junk forum, and there are 19 hits. Some lead to her flicker page. I did not go to all the posts now, but in memory of her, I will in the next few days.

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I remember Flagtruck posting here some, and I am so sorry to hear this. She was so talented with her garden and mosaics, and thru them had many friends on the Web who will feel her loss deeply.
My heart goes out to all who knew her.

hugs, Karen

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That is so sad! And it must be really bad when you knew the person personally or as we say "in real life." It was wonderful to read posts from all the people she touched with her talent. That is an amazing legacy to leave behind. (((((HUGS)))))

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First...calamity you better know we never get tired of you guys! Secondly, this makes me so sad. I've been hanging around for awhile and her stuff was always so neat.

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