Black & Decker LST136 Cordless Trimmer/Edger - Opinions?

pbx2_gwMay 7, 2013

Looking at the Black & Decker LST136 Cordless Trimmer/Edger for my new house/yard.

Yard is no more than 8k sq ft.
We want to go gas-less.

Any opinions on this as a trimmer or edger?
Or any other options?

Appreciate any feedback!

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I actually used my neighbors 18v b&d trimmer the other day. It was awful. It could barely cut the thicker portions against my home that needed it the worst. This one clearly posted that it can only handle .065" string which is terribly weak. It only has string out of one side too so it felt strange. Not my cup of tea.

The one you listed is twice as powerful and maybe can even use a decent string.

Ill say this, it was light and very maneuverable.

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@bsmith717 Thanks for the feedback.
I actually ended up buying the LST136 with teh 36V battery & it actually provides good clearing on short to medium height grass.

Doesn't really do much for the 'lettuce' size weed except blow wind @ it.

& I never noticed that it only had one string hole which really makes it fall short on optimal performance.

The edging is also pretty worthless if you hold it straight as recommended vs. tilting it on its side.

Having said that, it is light & maneuverable.
& will last a decent amount of time on a charge if you are using a slower speed & your lawn has not gotten out of control.
& the rotating shaft is easy to convert between trimmer & edger.

I'll keep it just because my lawn is in top shape & this thing can handle a well kept lawn.

However, if it ever got out of trimmer here I come.

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