What is this ? A question about a piece of junk

mommyandme2September 20, 2011

While out walking today, I found a piece of metal in the road, a long narrow piece of steel. It is 1/8 inch wide, 5 1/2 feet long. The last inch or so is wrapped with a little more steel. It has a very springy quality. With a good bit of strength, I was able to maneuver the strip into 2 loops, held tight with a zip-strip. If I cut the zip strip, I have no doubt but that I'd get hit very hard in the face. I can't really fold it. I don't thick even locktite glue would hold it if I was able to somehow maneuver it into a shape. What is this & what can I do with it ? Laura

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Maybe a piece of trim off of a vehicle?? Better check yours 1st! Then if you want to hold it use some wire as the zip-thing may break & hurt you or an animal or kid. Guess it's not an antenna or the thing that is connected to your mileage meter?? Jan

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Pic, please!

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Could it be part of the spring/strut of a truck or trailer? If you look at the rear Axel of a truck or trailer they have flat metal pieces that absorb the bounce in the road.

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It looks like a foot long dipstick without a handle. No markings of any kind. No oily residue. I can't cut it or bend into any particular shape. My d s-in-l, the King of Trivia, says he has no idea what it is. That's it ! I threw it out. I was hoping someone would say, I know what that is !", but apparently that's not going to happen. Thanks anyway. - Laura

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