GE Silicone II Vs Other Adhesives?

butterflylion(7bGA)September 30, 2010

I've been reading this forum and noticed that members mention using GE Silicone II Clear Windows & Doors as an adhesive. I also saw where someone said that they like Lexel. I don't have either one and was wondering what to buy. I saw a picture in a book where a milk carton could be used for a bird house. I was thinking about cutting a hole in the front and then covering the entire carton with duct tape to re-enforce it, and then covering that with pieces of bark. Would the GE Silicone glue the bark to the duct tape or would something like liquid nails work better? Does Michaels or Joann's sell any glue that is waterproof and rated for outdoors? (I have a 50% off coupon is why I ask.)

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Marlene Kindred

Hi Butterflylion! Welcome to the Garden Junk site. There is a website: that you can type in what you are gluing and it will give you the best type glue to use. From my experience with Silicone II, it works best on glass to glass or glass to plastic or ceramic. I use it when I'm making totems. Hopefully, some of our other members will be able to help as well, but be sure to check out the's pretty informative.

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