Clueless Southerner trying to keep a lawn

KayGee19June 18, 2014

Hey everybody,
So I am a very new homeowner in the south. I am from out west where the heat it is so dry you don't sweat. I feel I have been fighting a losing battle as of late and I am desperate to get my lawn to halfway decent before the end of summer. I ha an entire side lawn dedicated to those beauties in the attach� photo. I have no idea what they are or how to fight them. They are starting to take over my garden beds too. All I have done this year is a weed and feed. Any tips and tricks are most welcomed.

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You have violets. Weed B Gon CCO (CCO meaning chickweed, clover, oxalis) will kill violets but you can't use it when the air temperature is above 90. Glysophate (Round Up) will kill all vegetation if you want to do a complete renovation in the fall. Ask your neighbors with nice grass what they have and how they care for it.

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My lawn is full of violets too. To bad you missed the bloom. You yard would have been full of violet blooms in March & April.

I my neighborhood it's all hard alkaline clay and the neighbors lawn all look the same. About the extend of work the lawn services do is mowing the lawn and light pruning and small tree removal.

It's rare to find a 'showcase' lawn in Somerset, the 'good ones' simply mean they are newer homes that have been sodded more recently.

I'd like to know what that grass is though because I have that grass mostly, with a few small patches of fescue here and there.

Actually I just finished mowing and inspected my lawn more closely. I have almost 100% fescue and only a patch or too of whatever grass that is on your lawn.

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Isn't that Dollar weed? I grow it around my pond and that looks the same. Need something with Atrazine in it but read directions as i am not sure what it will do to the grass now that temps are higher.

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