Old wheel horse 10hp riding mower

drkidMay 28, 2007

sorry just joined this site so a lil new to how it is. Well i can't pin point the age of this mower, all I can say is its from the 80's. It was my grandfathers thus its now mine >.<. i have many problems with this thing but those can fix myself. the current problem that am clueless about is why its running way it does.>If its been sitting for a good time and I go out and start it, it runs fine, runs better when the blades are on. Now heres the nice fact, when you shut it off and turn it back on it runs like poo is all i can say. Like its got bad gas, poor spark, or not getting gas. But i've checked all that and it is. It'll run for a little while after that then die and have to wait a few hours before trying again.

If anyone has any idea it would be helpful, since I can't afford a new rider or even a push >.

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tekumcman(Upstate SC)


One that's been sitting for a long while....could be
carburetor related, mice could have eaten wiring insulation
etc, etc. You need to be MORE SPECIFIC of what we're
working with here. Briggs, Tecumseh, Kohler engine?? Could
be ANY of the three on an older Wheel Horse. Once we know
what we're working on....we can target where you should
look next.


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hmm kohler..but it hasn't sitting for awhile, cept for the winter of course. but figured it out. never believe someone when the oil level is fine. I decided to do a full through inspection of its components and found there was no oil in it >..

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I agree with tekumcman sounds like a carb problem and if you are getting black smoke check your head gasket.

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Blowing black smoke indicates it's running too rich.
Is the choke on?
If not, the needle/seat assembly in the carb is probably leaking.

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i'll take a look at the carb. thanks =)

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