Toro GTS 2 cycle Suzuki 20684 push mower parts

back2denaliMay 22, 2011

The piston on this mower is bad but the carb, bag, ignition, BBC, other parts are usable. Is anyone interested in anything from it? Anything worth shipping.

It was running a couple weeks ago but the bolt which holds on the air filter came loose and a washer got sucked into the intake - it cracked the piston wall. I had just spent hours cleaning the carb, replacing plug, fuel filter & cutoff switch, etc. now it's shot but some of the parts are still good.

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If you liked the mower, why dont you look for a piston? Prolly could get away with a used one.

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The value of the machine as parts depends upon the age. Was made from 1984 to 1989. Most valuable part is the ignition coil, but only if from a later model (1986 or later, three-leg, 81-2810). Retail is $175, I've sold on Ebay for $50 to $75. If it is earlier two-leg (81-1990 or 17-1529) actually retails more at $235, but since they rarely fail and there are relatively few machines still out there, not much secondary market. I've seen them listed for $25 and never sell. Other salable parts are the recoil assembly and the Mikuni carburetor. Bag, BBC, and other stuff is usually too expense to ship unless you have someone local interested.

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Mower is gone now; thanks for all the info.

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