How can I use these??

tasymoSeptember 11, 2010

There is this craigslist posting in a neighboring town. I always seem to miss out on the good stuff, but I don't want to drag a bunch of these home, without a plan for them. Any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: free tiles

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Oh my heart goes pitter patter!!!! LOVE those babies! I mortar them together and make big totems from them!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Those are Awesome, Calamity! If you were closer I'd snag them for you. I've got a bouncy horse waiting to mosaic, when the spirit moves me. I'm afraid the tiles would have to get in line!

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Oh wow, those look great. I really want to do some totems for my garden area.

You must be close to Marshall, MI. They are having an art festival there today I wanted to go to but couldn't. Shabby Joe is there today with plate flowers and etc.

Calamity, thanks for that link. I have been drooling in the hypertufa forum wanting to get into that this winter. I plan on doing some totems. LOVE THEM.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shabby Joe Glass Art

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I say upright vertical planters! A friend did some in their backyard.
Love, Jules

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You know, even piling them up on their sides would make an interesting display. Although I love calmaity_j's gorgeous mosaiced tiles.

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I first thought planters as well. Could also make pot people like they do with the regular plant pots, or you could combine the two and make the legs and arms from the straight ones and then use the other ones for the body and head etc.

Decorate with paint and stack on a post, any design.

How about standing a bunch on end and put a piece of glass on top to make a coffee table or end table.

Just thought, if they are round enough you could place them on their side one on top of the other and fill a shelf or cabinet, instant wine rack, sock holders, hold mason jar bottles of spices on their sides, endless ideas.

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I'm going to see if they are still available tomorrow. It rained all day today, so I couldn't convince my Hubby to hitch up the trailer. I'm considering using them to line my veggie bed to create a raised bed. If I put them on end, buried a few inches, they'd be a weed barrier, and I could plant stuff in the tops. I like the wine rack idea, except I buy my wine one bottle at a time...

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Boy, I'd grab them up in a minute, tas! If I had all the talent & creativity that calamity has, I would do that beautiful mosaicing! But since I do not, I would use them for a border for some of my flower gardens. Plant them as edging at diff hts....probably can't fill with dirt all the way, as winter frost would break clay (as my clay pots I must put away or empty & turn upside down)...but could probably fill them part way. Hope they're still there for ya! Jeanne S.

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Herb planters! Staggered at different heights.

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They would make great garden hose edgers. I have a couple that I have found & I put them on the corners so the garden hose doesn't drag over my plants. Boy wish I was close.

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I would grab them! I found a bunch curbside last year, and use them to edge a garden. I think the resident chipmunk uses them as a tunnel. :)

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