MORE plate flowers, oh my!

concretenprimroses(4B NH)September 25, 2011

I need spoons for these which I was hoping to find at the all town yard sale I went to in a nearby town yesterday. I only got a couple, but I decided to finally post these sitting on the floor of the porch without spoons.

I decided to use up my red glass plates - what am I waiting for? I asked myself. I decided to use lexel on the red plates since it dries clear, and the red glass is extra special.

I really like this big one:

Here are close ups of a few of the other red ones:

Then I started in on my other plates which I will put in the next post on this thread...

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I have gotten a lot of plates out of my mosaic stash since I decided to use ceramic plates in flowers not just glass. Here's the recent batch, no spoons yet :(

I'm trying a couple new things with this one: The center rose is showing through the top plate from the middle plate, i used lexel so it would be clear. And I attached a glass leaf to hide a chip on the outer plate. Also with lexel.

Thanks for looking. I'm getting ready for a Holiday sale.


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WOW!! Great job-Beautiful :)

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I have some of those dishes .... LOL

They are realllllllly pretty !!!! I'm going to try making them and selling them again next spring. I got the wind knocked out of my sails the last time I tried selling them . People would just walk by and say -- "Oh - those are just plates glued together . Nothing special."

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jwahlton(9B Kisimee)

Love them! I too am looking for lots of spoons! I love the swirly glass centers in yours too.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

At the craft fair, a few people walked by and just shook their heads and I could see they were thinking "how stupid." even at a craft fair. I think I would run into that a lot more at the farmer's market. I might consider setting up at the farmer's market only once in the spring when people are buying things to plant in their gardens. I really don't think crafts do well at ours tho so I haven't really decided. There is a local (small) garden show, but i bet it is expensive to get a booth.
A woman in town who has a lovely home has a private sale in her house before Christmas. She only charges $15, and she has invited me to participate. She has a mailing list but also relies on the other sellers to invite all their friends. I'm going to do that.


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Marlene Kindred

L-O-V-E all of these Kathy! The red makes such pretty flowers! But, I think my favorite is the pink rose plate.....drooling here.....VERY pretty!

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the red small plates with scallops around the edges looks like the Cape Cod Collection by Avon.

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They're really beautiful! Where in the world did you find all the red plates?? It's getting really hard to find colored glass around here.

I tried our farmer's market last year. Didn't do well there. There's a holiday show in November that I've done ok in the last 2 years. Will try it again this year.

I'm beginning to get sales on etsy. I love it! It's getting so hard for me to set up and take down at a show so this is a good alternative. Don't sell as many all at once, but I think sales will increase as time goes by.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

The scalloped plates are Avon. They were at a place I check every now and again for $2 each. I didn't want to pay that but one day I went in and they were having a half price on all plates sale! So I grabbed them all for $1 each. They are so pretty that I thought I might keep and use them, but I never have so I used two for the craft show that I set up at, and this is the rest.

The same with the other red ones. The thrift store had them marked $3 so I waited until the half price sale and they were still there.

Thank you for your comments.

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jeannespines've done it again! some very beautiful flower plates...I am loving your red glass! Good luck finding spoons! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Plates are great. Having trouble finding spoons also? Good luck at your sale.

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I think the red plates will be stunning in the garden with the sunlight on them! I love the rose plate too & the turquoise large plate flower, really lovely! Hope you do well at your Christmas sale! Jan

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emtnest(z8/Northern CA)

When you find spoons, how are you going to use them with your plate flowers? They are nice.

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They are all very pretty. Gotta say I LOVE the red ones tho. The private sale at the ladies house sounds like it could be very promising. In my area those do real good, as only those interested in purchasing good quality handmade items show up and they don't expect to get the items at garage sale prices! Good luck!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I flatten the spoon with a small sledge hammer on an anvil, and then bend the handle over. Then attach the flattened spoon bowl part to the back of the plate flower as a hanger. That way it can go in a pipe "stem" or hang on a fence or trellis. It is a real PITB I must say. The hardest part of making these. Plus some spoons are too wide in the handle, and others are too good quality to flatten. Cheap (bendable) stainless steel is what I use.
Some people bend forks into pretty shapes. I may just try that since spoons are getting so hard to find.

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Very beautiful flower plates! I love the red plates and am constantly searching for them. Actually any colored plates are hard to come by in my area. I've had to spend 2 or 3 dollars for them when I can find them. Spoons. I've not had much luck in flattening them. Do you get yours really flat and smooth? I don't know if they will adhere well if they are lumpy. What's your experience? Thanks for the information.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I use a short handled sledge hammer on a very small anvil. The anvil surface is flat so the spoon ends up pretty flat. I think a little lumpy would be ok if you are using an adhesive that is goopy.

My newest worry is how long will the spoons last. I'm afraid they will break off at the neck eventually.


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mad_about_mickey(**7* *N.C.)

I use the spoons also. I pound mine on the back of the vise . That works well also. If they are too wide to fit in the pvc, I have my husband grind them down to the 'right' size. I have had flowers outside for 2 or three years through hot and cold, I don't bring them in, And the spoons may rust a bit where they were ground down, but none have ever broken or shown signs of wear at the bend. I went to a local fair and was the only one with plate flowers and teacup birdfeeders. Everyone oooohed and aahed, the display was great in the sun. It caught the eye -so blingy ! Heard a lot of' i never saw any thing like this before...I sold a few, got my cards out there, so hopefully word of mouth and the cards will help.

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Your red plate flowers are so pretty and I bet they will be stunning in the sun. Love your ceramic plate group too! The pink and turquoise are really stunning. Great idea using the "leaf" to cover up a chip! Good luck with your sales, I'm sure you'll do great!

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What is in the center of the 2nd and 3rd photos?

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Toomuchglass, you mentioned that at a craft fair people walked by and said "Oh - those are just plates glued together . Nothing special."
I think they might not have known how beautiful these glass flowers can make a garden look. Maybe you've already been doing this.... I've printed off color pictures of my garden showing off my totems and plate flowers and put them around my booth so people could see how nice they look in the garden. I have ordered a large color poster for my next craft fair that I will display and I think this will help people visualize how they can add some BLING to their garden. I've heard husbands say "What would you do with that?"

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flowers 12 ...My DH & I did the same thing when we were trying to sell 'butterfly houses' at Farmer's Mrkt...everyone commented about them, looked them over & we had one stuck on a pvc pipe in a homemade wood form. They didn't sell until I printed off a pic of one in my gardens here at home w/butterflies around. LOL! Whether butterflies really use them, I don't know & that's what we tell our customers...but they are all sold now. Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

A picture is worth a thousand words.
So true.

Leaveswave, I believe you are referring to the glass swirls. They were pendants. I will put a crystal bead in the hole so moisture doesn't get in once they are otherwise totally cured.

I am hopeless at making jewelry, but I did try in the past. so I'm using my supplies on totems and plate flowers. Plus I buy up beads and jewelry supplies at yard sales and sometimes at supply stores. (We have an awesome bead and rock shop nearby that used to be VERY inexpensive. Now not so much.) Or even used jewelry to take apart if it is inexpensive and will hold up outside.


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I want to get started on one of these beautiful flowers. Would domeone please tell me what product is best for the heat to glue glass to glass and the also what do you use to glue the spoon to the plate?? Does anyone ever glue the spoon handle inside the pole. I hope to get a reply soon so that I can purchase my supplies and get to making for christmas presents. Do you do anything special if you are going to hang it on a fence?

thank you so much.

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I am in Zone 9, in extreme south Texs where it gets unbelievably HOT & DRY. We used silicone II to glue a stainless steel spatula to the back of the bottom plate & also to attach one plate to the next. No problems so far, but it's been less than a year. We just dropped the handle down into the pipe; no glue. The copper pipe is expensive, but I only made a few for myself. I haven't tried to sell any. - Laura

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I prefer ge silicone ii for windows and doors clear for the plate flowers. I use automotive goop for the spoons (put a lot on the spoon, then apply then pull apart and let it rest for 10 min then put back together. you will see the instructions say to apply to both surfaces and this is how I do it.)

good luck. Copper would be nice for gifts, I use electrical conduit either the metal or the plastic. The plastic is gray and has some uv protection but there is also some wording in black which I spray paint over.


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pogoduck(zone 4 North Dakota)

I've really enjoyed the discussion and pics of all the glass plate flowers here. I make them too. Those are beautiful concrete. I'd love to get my hands on that ruby cape cod glass for a buck a piece! What a score. It's funny how you start seeing and recognizing the good glass pieces - I have some of the same glass I see here. I drill all of mine, it's very time consuming and some of it breaks, but I just don't trust glue. There's a pic in my folder showing how I attach my flowers to the stems too.

Here is a link that might be useful: My plate flowers

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beautiful just beautiful

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Love the glass leave...beautiful flowers...I would love seeing one being hung into place. Never thought of them hanging...creative idea!

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Hello Kathy,
Beautiful work!!! So, you are finding the Lexel works best in most applications?? I just started making them as gifts, did tons of research and experimented with all kinds of glues/adhesives....just gave two away yesterday after feeling pretty good about the quality of the adhesive and one of them already fell apart in the sun =( I've been frustrated with the Lexel because sometimes it cures and other times it doesn't...I did two flowers on the same day at the same time in the same of one flower cured in a few days and totally cured in a few weeks, parts of the other flower cured in a month while other parts of it didn't cure at all...can't figure this stuff out. Any suggestions???

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Desrtdove, sorry you're having such a difficult time finding the right adhesive for your flowers. Have you tried E6000 or the new UV6800? I've used E6000 for 3 years in the heat, rain and cold and haven't had any fall apart. The only problem I've had was that after the 3rd year I noticed some yellowing of the adhesive on some. They came out with the UV6800 that is not supposed to yellow and I'm using that now. I think everyone has a favorite they use and all you can do is try another kind and hope you have better results. I've been using GE Silicone II to put my spoons on the back of some of my plates that don't have a smooth surface and that is working very well. Good Luck!

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Thank you for the response, Marilyn! I have used the E6000....starts off good, but hasn't been holding up =(I'm in New Mexico and apparently the sun is really HOT here...hehe I've had two women (one from Arizona and the other from south of me) say they both use the GE Silicone II (however one uses the GE Silicone II glue, which is apparently a little different??) and they have success. I haven't tried the UV6800 because I thought you had to set that with a UV light, which I don't have. I did try a few plates yesterday with the Automotive Goop and a few others with the GE II. Oddly enough, I found the Automotive Goop stuck REALLY well while the GE II stuck to some really well, but other plates not so well??? Perhaps I'm not using enough?? I just don't know. I called the Lexel company and they were able to tell me that since their product is NOT an adhesive, they can't warrant it for use in such things, BUT if I'm going to use it for that....they said to use just a little and it works like an adhesive much better. So that's probably why parts of my original PFs weren't curing...I used too heavy of a bead. Thank you so much again for your response, Marilyn!! I'm SUPER excited about having some success on these fun and lovely flowers!

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Kathy, your plate flowers are lovely. I found a gorgeous ceramic casserole dish that I wanted to make into a garden flower. I drilled a hole in the side of a used hockey puck to stick a dowel or a rod into and glued the flat side to the bottom of the casserole. It worked real well. Carol

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danaoh(SWOhio zone 6)

pogoduck - how did you do the teapot sets? I see the copper attached to the bottom of the pot, but how? also, what is the bendable green wire holding some up. just beautiful

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