New Sod and brown spots :(

Blouin4June 27, 2014


my husband put down brand new sod two weeks ago. He started by leveling off the backyard and then put down new soil, sprinklers and then finally sod. He used a roller and started watering. This last week or so we have had these brown spots all over the lawn. The ground is wet so we know it is getting water but now we are stumped! He then put down some fertilizer and that has not helped. We have out a lot of $$ into this yard and really don't want it to be for nothing. We chose a California Blue grass that is suppose to be drought resistant and needs less water over time but initially it is suppose to need the water to help it take. I have attached a photo for reference.
Thanks in advance!

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Where do you live (city)?
Where did you buy the sod? Do you have a link to it?
Do you know when the sod was cut by the farm?
Did the sod look brown when it was put down?
Can you take a close-up of the green grass blades that are right next to the brown areas on the same piece of sod?
Did you add anything to the soil before you laid the sod?
How often are you watering and for how long?
Have the roots knitted to the soil yet?

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I will try and answer the questions to the best of my ability:
We live just north of San Francisco, it was pretty hot last week (90s) and has cooled down this week (75s)
Bought the sod thorugh a supplier in the south bay and we have contacted them and they are willing to come out and check it out next week.
The sod looked nice and green when it was initially put in and it is just now patchy.
We watered daily for 20 mins in the am and 10 mins in the pm for the first week or so.
It looks like some roots have knitted already.

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I was hoping to determine what type of turf it is. I'm not familiar with "California blue grass". That is one of the reasons I asked for a link. Knowing the type of turf can help determine the problem. When the supplier comes out ask him. See what the supplier has to say and get back with an update. I'm surprised that that watering schedule is leaving the ground wet in those temperatures. While you wait for the supplier, check the output of your sprinkler system by placing some tuna cans in the yard and run the system for 20 minutes and measure the amount of water in each can.

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Looks like we have bentgrass sold by delta blue grass company, thanks!

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after re reading this it looks like we over watered and now the brown spot may be fungus? How would we get rid of that? Vent it?

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Bentgrass is a rather high maintenance cool season grass that is susceptible to summer diseases, but you could never tell by me. It's a "weed" in my KB lawn and seems pretty darned hardy. :)
See below for a short discription and the "link explains what diseases affect bentgrass and what the diseases look like so you can id. Spectracide make a number of hose-end sprayer fungal cures and is cared at the big box stores. Just make sure what you buy is safe for bentgrass and follow directions.

Good luck.

Nice informative article on bentgrass:

Here is a link that might be useful: Bentgrass diseases and short discription.

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