Lawn Girl 10-302

davencMay 6, 2010

The neighbor dropped off a 10-302 and a Troy-bilt rider the other day. I'm cleaning off about 2 qts of oil dirt and draining about 3 qts of oil out of the Lawn Girl and I got down to the transmission. There hasn't been a belt on it for many years and the transmission is "notchy" when I turn the pulley by hand. It does not spin freely and I havn't looked on the parts list yet. I was thinking of just greasing it up and let it go until it fails as I think the damage has already been done. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Anybody awake???

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You'll have to give more details on the LB 10302 - was this a 2-cycle? I don't understand where the '3 quarts of oil' came from. Pull the rear wheels and clean/lube the gears on the ends of the axle - each gear has a little ratchet inside, and there's a grease hole in each end of the axle. Use #2 White Lithium grease on the wheel ends and #00 grease in the box.

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The 10320 was a 4 cycle Tecumseh. If you drained 3 quarts of oil out of it, it was WAY overfilled. I'm not familiar with this model. Hopefully someone else can help.

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The 10302 was the 4 cycle Lawn Boy Silver Series mower with a Tec. engine. And yes, it was overfilled. I suppose I'm lucky that the family that donated it to me got tired with it as soon as they did! Anyway, the gearbox has been taken care of...all smooth now. Another problem has cropped up. While cleaning the engine, some of the linkage from governer and underneath the throttle plate fell apart?!!? Does anyone have some detailed pics of the governer arm to carb throttle shaft linkage? The Toro master parts viewer does not show how they fit or link-up. Thanks.

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