lawnboy octane gas #

johnuchMay 7, 2010

i just realized i have been putting 86 octane for the past few years...just noticed the manual states 89 one spot then says 86 on up in isn't no lead the same as unleaded?.....weird..that's what it states in my big repair manual from lawn boy...mod# 8674 year 1984....f engine....

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Yes, no lead and unleaded mean the same thing.

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While LB was still producing 2-cycle mowers, they always stated to avoid 'premium' gas because it has solvents/chemicals that could affect fuel system parts. Other than that, I'd say to burn whatever you think the engine 'likes', although there should technically be no benefit from using an octane higher than the manufacturer recommended IF THE ENGINE IS PERFECTLY CLEAN AND IN PERFECT CONDITION. If it's not, there may be operational benefits from higher-octane fuels. I don't have any 2-cycle mowers anymore but for my small 2-cycle equipment I use mid-grade gas.

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