The 'junkiest' yard around

toomuchglass(5)September 3, 2011

This might have been posted before ---- I stumbled across it again . Tinfoilhat -- this'll get that hat quivering !!

I love the "Faucet Falls" ( kinda reminds me of the plumbing in my basement ~LOL )

In my wildest dreams -- This is sorta the way I'd love my house to look . Some of the stuff is just too weird , but for the most part - it's Really Me !

Here is a link that might be useful: **Weird Gardens**

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Ummmm, wow.
I've never seen entire rooms painted in those colors. I wonder how they keep things dusted and the cobwebs off.

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Most of it is too weird for me, but she's obviously quiote creative. Very original artwork. - Laura

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beatrice_outdoors(6a MA)

When I click on the smaller pictures they do not open up. I could not see the faucet falls. :( But what I can see screams that this person has a very busy mind! The legs remind me of A Christmas Story....


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I don;t know why the pics didn't open . Here's a pic of the faucet falls ...

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I remember the 'original' weird gardens--the first mosiac 'flowers' that I had ever seen. And I love the blue upside down hanging bottles. She has changed and/or added things (like we all do) since then. Some of the changes I like, but I thought the oldest was 'goodest' for the most part. Only the front has not changed much.
Thanks for showing us again!

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beatrice_outdoors(6a MA)

Thank you for posting that picture of the falls-it's wonderful! I'd love to see it as a working water feature, and gives me ideas.

I'm using Firefox-maybe that's the problem?

There's definitely a lot to look at, but I see small treasures everywhere. I bet she has a memory for each one. OK-maybe each one...that's a lot of stuff!!!


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OMG! I want a faucet falls!!! AWESOME! My friend Slowmedown has a set of legs w/highheels. I sooo wanna make a waterfall like that now!

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I have seen her site before and thought the mosaic pieces - especially the flowers - were awesome and I always liked the legs sticking up out of the garden. I was tempted to do that myself. I never noticed the faucet waterfall. That is very cool. The one thing that really creeped me out were the dolls hanging by a hook that looked like a finger. TFS!

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