Plate flower garden plus forum use suggestion

concretenprimroses(4B NH)September 22, 2010

After my hollyhocks went by and I cut down the stalks, this garden was so bare that I decided to put all my plate flowers in it. Some of my friends have seen them recently and now they want to come over and learn how to make plate flowers and totems! Can't wait! Some of these are too plain and I want to decorate them more, but don't they look good all together?

and from the other angle:

My suggestion about the forum is that when one of us creates a thread and has several pictures on the same subject within the same day or 2 that the creator of the original thread posts them in the same thread rather than creating a new one on the same subject. The reason for this is that the old threads get dropped off. Just a certain number remain at any time. I just looked at the last page, and the posts are only a little over a year old! I bumped a couple of them up. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we will retain more of the good stuff longer if we are more conservative in our thread creation. I remember looking at lots of wonderful things that are now not available when I first joined. Thank goodness Karen/Purplemoon created the inspiration album, that helps.


ps to post again in the same thread, you have to change the subject name or it may be rejected. For example, if someone asked me for a close up of a certain flower, or if I just wanted to show more, I could post it in this same thread and change the subject to "closeup" or whatever. Or if I decorate some of them today or tomorrow, as is my plan, I could just post them here in this thread.

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Your flowers look great. I just love the extra color in the garden when all the real flowers are done blooming.

Thank you for the info on adding to an original thread, I didn't know that. I am guilty of adding more threads and understand what you are saying. I have spent a long time looking at older posts too. Thank you for bumping some of them.

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They look wonderful. Since I'm new to NH, when do you take in all your pots, glassware etc out of the garden before the Arctic arrives? I hate to do it too soon since the everything is so bare, but I don't want to risk losing any of them to the elements.

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The whole flower bed looks beautiful. All the plate flowers are so cheery. But, I think I see one of my green depression glass "bubble" plates in one. They are hard to find and I paid $28.00 for the last ones that I bought. Oh, well, it looks as great there as in my china cabinet.

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They look great and really make more of an impact all grouped together like that. Don't tell your friends how to make them - tell them to buy them from you!! haha!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shabby Garden Creations

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Thank you for that info re pics, I am new with this and will try to get it better....btw, my glass NEVER FLOWERS have been selling like hot cakes, can't wait to get the rest of them to the fair.

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Marlene Kindred

Your plate flower grouping looks great!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I leave my plate flowers and totems out all winter. They look great with snow on them! Except I may bring in my ceramic plate flower (the non glass one), because I think the gold on the flower plate will wear off. Totems are ok outside unless they can catch water which can freeze (and expand) and break the dish. I try to make things that don't have to be brought in, so I put plates and bowls "upside down" when I make totems.
Once the flowers die, I empty planters onto the compost pile, and put them in the garage. But that's just neatness. They could sit out and have evergreenery in them allwinter probably.

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I t all looks great!!!ceramic plate will crack in the very cold.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

I do the same with my glass bird baths,totems and glass flowers. I've got 4 that have been out a couple yrs. and have done fine. I do watch the bird baths and try to keep the water from freezing in them.
Your's are very pretty. I've got mine in the back yard but you gave my inspiration to put them in the front yard for folks to see. I had a cobalt blue totem stolen out of the front so I will keep stuff up close to the house.
Also thanks for the posting tip.

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Lots of pretty plates in your garden (like your flower bed too!) The white plates look nice on the plate flowers, I didn't think I would like them but they are very attractive, wonder if they show up better in the moonlight at night? Jan

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Very pretty glass garden! You know, I'm not a big one for ceramic plates in glass flowers. I have always preferred glass pieces. But I see that your colored ceramic plates really show up nicely in the garden so I might just have to change my mind! TFS your pretty garden and great idea about continuing pictures on the same thread!

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crete...I loved your pics of your Hollyhocks when they were blooming ...but your garden sure looks really good with them now gone, too. Time of the year for winding down in the gardens.. your plants look good & healthy yet! Those plate flowers sure add some cheerful color to your gardens! TFS! Jeanne S.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Kathy I was just thinking about that. Although they are pretty showcased among the flowers and plants in the rest of the garden, I thought it would be cool to group all the junk flowers and critters together in one section of the garden. Like the plate flowers and someone made bell flowers a couple years ago, and critters like Roberts' (and others) snails and spiders and those fish with that great seaweed. I like the name luna had- the glass garden.

Yours look great especially against the color of your house. The only thing I could suggest the clear ones add some colored glass accents for contrast. See how the one on the bottom jumps out at you, it's dark against light against dark.

I think that's an excellent suggestion about adding to the first post. Even others besides the original poster. Bring on the pictures and the conversation (for me anyway).

I just got to thinking though, how does that really work? Does one post drop off the end every time a new post is added? Because it brings it up to the top, is replying to an old post the same as posting a new one? Or is it already in the system and you can add to it as many times as you want without an old one dropping off the other end? I'm not really clear about how it works.

Love your sunflowers and plateflowers. Donna

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Love the plate flowers! This is my first post. Do any of you use adhesive to hold the plates, dishes together? If so, what kind works best? I use hockey pucks on rerod, but sometimes have trouble with the plates adhering to the pucks. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Welcome to the board from oHIo!
Personally, I use GE II clear silicone for windows & doors to glue them together. I've not had any come apart. Someone on here showed us how to use a bent & flattened spoon, adhere it to the back, then hang the spoon handle in a piece of PVC pipe placed over a piece of rebar. Clear as mud? LOL I dont have a picture of the backs, so hopefully someone else does.

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lily51(OH 5)

How attractive!The plate flowers arranged in the flower bed as a grouping have a real visual impact. These will be showing up in my garden next year for sure.

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I have seen these with hockey pucks used for the backs of the flowers and mounted on rebar (painted green). I am interested to know how they were attached to the pucks and rebar-hole drilled and silicone?

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so neat, great job

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Great "flower" bed! Love the long lasting blooms!heh heh! Kinda like"more bloom for your buck"!

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mary2010(9 FL)

Love all the beautiful "blooms". Can't wait to add some to my garden this spring.

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