Honda HR214. 5 Lawnmower

Paul_HeathMay 3, 2011

I am about to purchase a Honda HR214.5 Lawnmower, 2 speed self-propelled, mulching (no bag) electric start, but there's no battery so I'd have to buy one or use the pull-start. It is about 8 years old, owner advises it has been rebuilt. I have tentatively agreed to pay $150 for it, becasue I have seen some history blogs that seem to indicate this is one of the best lawnmowers out there, and should last 20 years+. Can anyone confirm if this is in fact a good deal or should I put this money towards a new model? If a new model, can you suggests a good one at a reasonable cost? Thanks!

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I, most always, use those honda engines for boat anchors, but you can do as you like! As for asking me--I'd suggest a Craftsman lawn mower, if you want something that will give good service, is easy to fix, and you won't be helping some gook to make a lot of money! JMHO! Rusty Jones

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Your seller is playing fast and loose with the facts. HR214 (2 speed) was last made in 1989 or 1990. That's more like 20 years old. Also fitted with 4hp GXV-120 engine.

Masters and Harmony models (HR-215, HRA-215, HRM-215) came out in 1989 and had 5hp GXV-140 engine and 3 speed transmission or hydrostatic.

It's a good mower, but 20+ years and only 4hp; I couldn't sell it for more than $75 or maybe $100 if exceptionally clean.

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