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terratoma(7a)June 6, 2014

Not sure if I'm posting this in the appropriate forum, but here goes.
I have a significant suplus of Turface and Gran-I-Grit which I've used in container gardening. (Gran-I-Grit is insoluble crushed granite typically used for poultry; Turface is a brand name of calcined clay.) They're perfect for container growing medium: the irregular shape of the grit helps to create spaces for air to travel; the Turface particles absorb large amounts of water and then gradually "gives it back" for plant use. (Sorry to be long-winded!)
Since I've just about reached my limit in container gardening, I'd appreciate suggestions for use of these materials in soil. Perhaps the Turface could benefit very sandy soil by absorbing water; unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't have what might be called "sandy" soil. Was thinking of using the Grit to reduce compaction in clay soil; however, I "think" that, given the microscopic size of clay particles, they would simply surround the grit, negating the benefit of its irregular surface.
I really don't like to "throw things away". I feel there must be some positive use of these products. And I haven't located any "container gardeners" close by!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You might post this in the soils forum.

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