Motor starts easy but only runs about a minute

wibbykdxMay 6, 2010

I have a craftsman mower with a 6.75 eager 1 engine

Been a great mower for 11 years. Always starts in the spring no problem, except this winter...

So I took the carb apart and found a jet or something was clogged. I cleaned it all up and she started right up, but only to die after about a minute. So I took it all apart and cleaned it again, and with the same results

I finally noticed that if I push the primer bulb a few times as the motor is sputtering that it will rev back up.

It will continue like this for a few minutes and then I can usually go ahead and mow my grass without it stalling, but the motor is only running at about 90% of what it should be

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One possible cause of your problem is varnish in the carburetor, hidden where it can't be seen. If you add some gum-out or similar additive to the gasoline, the carb should clean itself out, but not immediately. It can take one to four hours of operation for carb cleaner to successfully remove the varnish deposit.

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Mechanically, the symptoms don't make sense.

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Might be a plugged breather hole in the gas cap! Or, the little hole in the bolt that holds the carb bowl on, if so equipped!

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backman01(nc pa)


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If it was a clogged jet, still unclogged, priming it all day would never make it run semi-normal on its own.

This sounds more like a choke issue, but there is no choke.

If it were any other fuel starvation issue, it wouldn't be coaxed to run by priming it.

So, I'm thinking of some air/fuel problem orleak that is almost overcome after the engine warms up or is able to maintain full speed on its own after warming up.

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It's that stupid bulb primer!
I have the same problem, rough to get it started and then once it's warmed up, it's ok.

I tear it apart and can get one or two starts out of it before it clogs up with grass again and no amount of pushing that stupid bulb will get it to start.
I have to turn it on it's side, remove the air filter and dump fuel down it's throat, then it starts right up for about 30 seconds!
2 or 3 times and it will remain running!

Also that tiny little air filter clogs up REAL FAST and will cause running issues like loss of power at all times!

I'm still looking for an older manual choke carb to fit to that engine!

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