Briggs & Stratton (Mower Dies After 10 Minutes)

gman318May 15, 2013


I had a surging problem (engine reving up and down) with my Craftsman 550 Series 4 Cycle Engine (Engine 10T802-123B-B1) Model Number 917.385127. I changed the diaphragm and everything was working fine. After 10 minutes, all of a sudden the mower stopped running.

I looked on the side of the motor and the primer button had sucked in. I waited a couple of seconds and the primer pucked back out on its on. I just pulled the string (without priming it) and the mower started right up after the first pull. After a couple of more minutes, the mower stopped running again.

I checked on the side of the mower again to see if the primer was sucked it but it didn't do it this time. I pulled the string to start it but it wouldn't start. I pushed the primer button to feed it some gas. I pull the string and it started right up. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thank you.

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I guess its a 'Pulsa-Jet' with the gas tank on the bottom of the carb? Sounds like you did something wrong on the diaphragm installation, or perhaps there is a blockage in the pick-up tube. You really have to keep the gas tanks clean on these.

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Gas cap vent?

Walt Conner

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Sounds like the gas cap vent may be blocked and a vacuum builds up in the tank as fuel is withdrawn.
Try loosening the cap for a moment and see if the problem goes away for x minutes.
IF it's the vent, it'll probably run a "bit" longer each time as the air space in the tank increases.

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Yes it is the Pulsa jet with the gas tank on top of the carb. I checked the gas cap vent and it was clear. I was thinking it may be the pickup tube and/ or the jet with the mesh covering over it.

I notice there was gas coming from the carb. I checked the connection to the manifold, gasket / diaphragm, etc. and didn't see anything. On the carb I see the gas was coming from behind a small round black ball. I believe the dip to is connected to it under the carb.

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The ball seals the check valve inside. New carbs are cheap.

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