yardtractor1May 8, 2014

Anyone know who manufactured the engines for the older Lawnboy?
It's about 30 years old. Silver series. 4.75 hp two stroke. I cant find a manufacturer's plate.

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Lawn Boy manufactured their own 2 cycle engines from 1955
until Toro bought them out in the late eighties.

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Are the cylinder fins round or square? Does it have head bolts (removable head)? Round fins would be the 'F' engine. Square fins with one-piece jug is the 'V' engine. Both have iron sleeve and roller bearings.

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Outboard Marine Corporation, Or better known as OMC.

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A '30 yr old' Silver Series is not an 'older' Lawn-Boy made by OMC (Ole Evinrude). It is a late Lawn-Boy with a Lawn-Boy engine, either prior to or after the purchase by Toro. Either an 'F' or a 'V'.

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Thanks all. It's a relative's mower, so I'll take a closer look at it next time I visit.

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