is vintage lawn boy for sale on e bay original or 'cut and paste'

charlie_stevens29May 6, 2010

I have always liked older lawn boys however here on the west coast they apear few and far between. Even when they do their so beat up and abused. I check over e bay sometimes looking for decent ones and noticed item 230468846727 The demand as well as his asking price apears to be high since he has whats called a reserve price I was seriously thinking about bidding on it and still may. I do however have a few concerns if this is truly a vintage mower or just a newer version in tan paint. I feel more comforable verifying on here as opposed to asking him since this would be an outside opinion. I do have a fair amout of experince on lawn boy from years ago when they were more common around here. The concerns i found compareing this mower to the parts diagrams for a model 7259 he claims it to be are as follows. the side discharge cover is plastic of which not only was the original one aluminum but i had never seen a side cover in any color but green. id hate to buy this and find out its a green cover with tan paint over it that will flake off and look aweful. Also the right handle bracket on his mower has the support cut out for the bag bracket where that bracket was not used until mid 70's i belive. And the side cover on his mower is held in place by the 2 screw on the rear side of the plate which again was not used until the 70's models after the tan color mowers was discontinued. This as well as the model id tag "missing" leads me to be concerned he took a newer lawn boy deck and repaitnted it to make it look vintage. im trying to be a smart consumer and make the right decision. if this is a genuine 1969 model that will make a nice display in my garage and use on occasion or does this apear to be "cut and paste" make one good out of 3 bad mowers situation. thank you everyone for your time. I will be asking questions reguarding the older lawn boy i do have and need assistance with fuel leak from air filter area.

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indy452(NC Kansas)

It looks like a restored original to me. The deck is the original magnesium deck...I can tell by the pics. The cover made of plastic??I dunno it could have been plastic by then but the mag made ones weren't far behind...Thats a question for the seller.

He should have done a better job preserving the model tag but if it was sandblasted and he didn't remove it...that would ruin it probably...thats a con IMO.

I think the start price is too high IMO...

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You're right about the cover, the originals made then were aluminum painted tan and held in place by one screw with engagement slots at the other end.This one appears to be plastic with tan paint. You could ask him that question.

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How do all you know it alls?The mower in question is an original.The only thing you're right about is the handle brackets being different.The original was bent and not worth saving.They started using this style handle bracket in 1972.The id tag did not get sand blasted it was damaged by acid at some point by a previous owner.The cover plates where made in plastic and aluminum.Early run 69's had aluminum and later runs had plastic.The available replacements where plastic.
My mowers are always refurbished and they command a fair price.If you don't like the price don't bid Charlie.If you want new go buy new.If you want unrestored vintage machines for 10 buck then you'll get junk.If you where that smart Charlie you'd already know your air filter fuel leak is a bad needle and seat.Get informed and educated before you spout off in speculation not knowing what your talking about people.

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