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DigiTikiJune 12, 2013

Ok so I live in Southern California in the Northern part of Los Angeles--Hot summers, mild winters. We get frost maybe 2-3 days a year in the winter. The summers are hot and pretty dry.

After reading as much as I can, I must say I'm thoroughly confused. I want to do some entertaining on my lawn. I would like to do some Hawaiian luau's where people sit on the grass, old fashioned style. So I want a lawn that is dense and carpet-like. I saw a putting green and was so impressed, I thought I wanted something like that. The putting green sites list creeping bent grass as the species. Yet, some forums here, people are cursing it. Also, the putting green people say you have to have special, expensive lawn mowers for creeping bent grass and on and on.

Is there are good species of grass for my climate that will give me a fine, dense carpet-like lawn--AND that is not going to require me to purchase highly specialized mowers to maintain it?

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No. If you want a putting green/fairway height lawn (under 1 inch) it will require a powered reel mower. The shorter the mow, the more expensive the mower. If you want to go the golf course fairway route you should probably look into sodding with Tif 419, or maybe paspalum. There is also a fairway height Zoysia, but I don't know if that is even available where you live. Bentgrass is hard enough to grow in areas where is thrives, in LA it would require your own greenskeeper.

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Paspalum would be my thought also. Needs much less fertilizer that Bermuda.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

There are no bentgrass putting greens in SoCal. They are all a hybrid sports variety of bermuda. Those lawns cost tens of thousands to prepare and about that to maintain. They are mowed every morning to keep them looking like that. Putting greens also have the distinct characteristic of being out in full sun. They do not have fences, buildings, trees or shrubs providing any shade at all.

Do you need this grass to be real low to the ground? If it was 4 inches high and dense would that work?

Where is the northern part of LA? Is that the the skid row area or further north toward Chinatown? Location in SoCal makes a huge difference.
How hot is hot summers?
Are you willing to water weekly?
Is there any shade on the area?

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Thanks for the replies!! I live in the San Fernando Valley. I guess I should have said northern part of LA County.

I didn't know bentgrass wasn't best in my part of the country. All the specs on it make it seem so tolerant to all kinds of weather and not so water intensive.

I'm not actually looking to put a "putting green" in the literal sense. I just love that thick carpet-like feel of dense fine blade grass. I wanna go bare foot! LOL Most lawns that I see around here are not so densely packed. My back yard gets full sun most of the day. East and west fences give shade in early morning and late afternoon/evening only.

I will look into Paspalum.

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