Squirrell feeders

oldcrafty(8)September 27, 2011

What was once scrap fence boards my DSL was throwing away is now 3 squirrell feeders that I made. The blueglass one I donated and will be auctioned off at my DGD school fund raiser and the yellow one will be a silent auction item I donated to the group that sponsors me in the Relay for Life Cancer Walk. The 3rd one I have not mosaiced yet but will, and it will be used as an auction item at my family reunion. This past week-end my DB went to Warrington, a BIG crafting and antiques festival held twice a year and found me more of those cute metal squirrells! Now I can make more feeders! Took pics before putting the gallon jars that hold the corn on.

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So So So Cute!!!!

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Lots of work involved there! Like how those metal squirrels relay the purpose of the feeder! Mosaic colors are pretty! Nice donations! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Very high class squirrels you have in your area to get such nice feeders. They must be spoiled & big & sassy too with all this special treatment! The metal squirrels are so nice & is that a tin tile on top of the 1st 1? I like your walkway with the bricks with words on them. I collect brick like that! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Very nice! Love the mosaics.
I too was admiring your brick walk way.

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Marlene Kindred

Oohh...I really love your squirrel feeders. What makes the jar stay in the hole? Does it lay on the longer platform piece or is is pretty tight in the hole?

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Thanks everyone. I laid the bricks at the beginning of spring. They are all very old bricks, never gave bricks much thought till I salvaged these from my childhood homeplace. Now I'm constantly on the look out for a different saying. I have about 12 different ones. I am seeking one that says "Don't spit on the walk" or something similar to that. It refers to not spitting any way! Have heard they are very rare but really was a brick made like that. Gotta check into the history of that one. I know it had something to do with the spreading of TB back in the old days

Marlene.....I got in a hurry and took the pic before I was totally finished! A very small strip of wood goes on both sides and one at the back as a stopper. I will take another pic and post later.

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Don't Spit on the Sidewalk bricks are very collectible. I have a couple in my walk that I have had for years but I haven't seen any at a flea market or antique shop for a long time.

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Wow. I love that. Those squirrels had better thank you for your beautiful work.

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