Quick Question about lawn mower and weed wacker

mosephMay 5, 2010

I have a 22 inch lawn mower with a 6.5 hp Murray engine. Last year, I decided I wanted to paint the thing and I snapped the right rear bolt that holds the motor down. I got my brother to start drilling it out and he decided to try and use an easy out on it but the easy out broke so I can't drill out the bolt anymore. Do you think it would be okay to run the thing with only 2 of the bolts holding the mower down?

I am also looking and getting a weedwacker, probably a four cycle Echo. My dad told me to get a used one because he was talking to a landscaper one day and that guy said that new weedwackers are difficult to start because of the emissions stuff they have on them. Is that true? Or is it just because the guy has to start it up multiple times a day due to going to different job sites. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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