replacing igniton coil on older briggs 5 hp

eric_2007May 6, 2008

I have a 5 hp briggs engine model 130202on a 1967 simplicity tiller. It has no spark and assume the points are bad. My plan was to replace the coil with the new electronic ignition version, however the person at the dealer told me you need to remove the flywheel to install a round plug, remove the points and install a new flywheel key. The problem is the starter clutch wont unthread off the shaft by using screwdriver and hammer. I understand there are specific tools to lock the flywheel and undo the clutch but its too much money for one time use. Do you honestly need to pull the flywheel to intstall the electronic igntion coil or can you just cut the wire to the points and install the new coil as usual? Also the price for the coil was around $54 plus tax, is that a fair price or is he charging above retail price?

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Your guy behind the counter is either ignorant, uninformed, or just bullsh*tting you.

If you do remove the points and the pushrod, then you do need to plug the hole or oil will come up and go all over the back side of the flywheel. However, just leave the points in place and don't bother removing flywheel. Cut the lead going into the point cover as close as possible behind the flywheel, and then don't worry about it.

Also, price of $54 is pretty stiff. List price should be about $42 and aftermarket and OEM internet suppliers range from $30 to $40. Correct p/n is 397358 for 130000 series vertical and horizontal engine. Even less expensive is to reuse your own coil and fit a B&S module for about $15 p/n 394970. A little more work, but saves money.

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indy452(NC Kansas)

I don't know who your dealer is but you better find another one LOL!

I just had the same thing with a 5hp briggs. I bought the electronic ignition module that you use with the original coil. Most likely the coil is good and the old points are bad. I got mine for twenty bucks and I followed the directions and walla!!

No need to fiddle faddle around with flywheels and such just do the electronic ignition. Leave the old points in place and snip the wire.
You will need a solder gun to do the job. Its really pretty easy to do and will save your good engine too.


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"Even less expensive is to reuse your own coil and fit a B&S module for about $15 p/n 394970. A little more work, but saves money."

My suggestion too.

Walt Conner

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canguy(British Columbia)

Don't feel bad, that coil retails for $60.00 here.I recently sent one at my cost (I owed him a favor) to our friend Doc in Australia, $80 by the time the dust settled. He was quoted $120.00Aus. Yikes.

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