Old snapper walk-behind mower

azoandamidolMay 14, 2007

Years ago (early-mid 1970s) I had an old walk-behind snapper mower. It was green. Instead of wheels in the front it had a semi-circular bar that coasted over everything--rocks, very short tree stumps. It turned on a dime, with just a flick of the wrist. The blade was about 30" in diameter ± and was like a bush-hog blade. With this mower I was able, with continued mowing, to convert a field into a lawn. I left the mower behind when I sold the house, thinking I would not need it again.

But now I need to do the same thing--convert a field into a lawn. I took a look at the new snapper mowers and they have wheels and do not seem to be the same type--no semi-circular skid plate in the front. Can anyone help me locate one of the old green Snappers such as I have described.

Many thanks.


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Your old Snapper was from the 1950's and would be a collectible today.

It was good for rough cutting because the blade was belt driven and provided a degree of slip, should you hit something. Most rotary mowers today are hard coupled, meaning the blade is keyed and bolted to the crankshaft.

You might consider a mower with a blade-brake-clutch (BBC). These provide a measure of protection for the engine should you hit a rock or stump.

As for the roller/skid arrangement, I'm not sure anyone has something like that.

Another approach mighted be one of the wheeled string trimmers. They usually have a 5 to 8hp engine and spin very heavy line, and can knock down anything organic up to about 2" dia.

Hope this helps.

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If you have a steep terrain to mow one should check out the Gizmow it is designed and engineered to mow hillsides and ditches. The machine does this by controlling our front caster wheels like a car and attaching them to the rear hydros. Also it is the only zero turn lawnmower with a steering wheel. If you would like further information you can find it at www.gizmow.com or www.dedistributing.com

Eric Benning

Here is a link that might be useful: D&E Distributing

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Many thanks fo rthe responses, but I really do want an old snapper. I travel across the USA fairly regularly and will go anywhere to pick one up.


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