Bright Green Patches in Bermuda Grass

Jacob86June 25, 2014

Hello, I have a lawn care service that I use every six weeks and these bright patches have recently started to cover my lawn. I have recently bought this home less then four months ago. Is this a fertilization problem? We have had a descent amount of rain given we moved in the spring.

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wrager(Z5 OH)

What is the soil like under those areas? Can you push a screwdriver easily in a couple of inches?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Can you look very closely and ensure that you have exactly the same grass in those areas as you have in the foreground? Look for the way the grass blades grow along the little stems. I'm thinking those areas have been overseeded with a different kind of bermuda. I really hope I'm wrong.

Do the screwdriver test.

Also find the Bermuda Bible online and memorize it.

Does your lawn company spray fertilizer or is it a dry product? You cannot do bermuda with a spray. Bermuda needs pounds and pounds of fertilizer. You can not spray enough poundage of nitrogen once every 6 weeks. It needs a monthly dose of lots of a dry product with some nitrogen mass to it.

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