Can you use a Sod-Cutter on dead grass/dirt?

viche(7a MD)June 5, 2010

So I killed off a big patch (700 sqft) of poa trivialis about 5 or 6 weeks ago with roundup.

I delayed getting new sod and now the grass has decompossed into a thin layer of dead grass with a lot of dirt showing.

I know I shouldn't till, but I need to prep the area for sod and get it down 3/4" so that the sod lays level with the surrounding lawn.

Can I use a sod cutter when the grass has been dead so long?

I dug into the dirt and their appears to be a little bit of roots left. Soil is clayish.

So if I use a sod cutter, will it just make a mess, or will it cut a layer of dirt (with a little dead grass in it) that is relatively easy to roll and remove?

What should I do?


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My father in law, just used a sod cutter 2 weeks ago or so. He had to move his grass to level it with a new patio that got installed.

Anyways, the spots of his that he had dead grass, cut and pulled up just like the grass cuts. The dirt Was moist, so maybe thats why it stuck together as though it had grass growing in it, it did have roots all through it though imagine that was more of why it worked than the dirt being wet.

His soil was heavy clay.

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