Safety Switch Location

DA_MccoyMay 17, 2010

Well, here I am again jumping over from the Computer Help forum with my hand out.

John Deere LX176 with a 14hp Kawasaki engine and pedal controlled hydro-stat transmission.

I was just cutting along and it quit followed by crank-no starts. I let it set for awhile and it started just fine. Then when I took my foot off the emergency brake the engine again quit. I stepped on the EB and it again started fine. I can even set the EB and get off and it will run, but any time I release the EB the engine quits. I looked underneath for a safety switch and found nothing readily visible. Looking at the linkage I am guessing the switch may be on top of the transmission beneath the gas tank. Before I take the body off and remove the gas tank I would like to know if I am going in the right direction to locate the switch.

If anyone has an idea as to an alternative diagnosis I am all ears.

I'm heading over to the JD site to see if I can find the switch location on their parts schematic. Sometimes that's an adventure in itself.

As before, thanks a lot.


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OOPS! Posted on wrong forum. Moving this thread to the proper location. If anyone does have input feel free.

Thanks again


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