What fungus is this?

GAyarddog(7)June 9, 2013

I live northeast of Atlanta and these spots started popping into my bermuda lawn last week and are spreading rapidly. My best guess is dollar spot or brown patch, but not sure as this is my first experience with disease.
So far this year: I pulled weeds, scalped, and dethatched the first week of March, fertilized the first week of April and again the second week of May, and the lawn was coming along great until now. It has not received more than an inch of water a week other than one large storm three weeks ago. I have started bagging clippings and would like to treat with a fungicide.

Any advice on diagnosis or other tips and ways to treat would be greatly appreciated.

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Closer look

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

What kind of grass is that and how often do you water?

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dchall - It's common bermuda. I water maybe once a week. I have just been making sure it gets around an inch to an inch and a half a week so some weeks rainfall covers this amount.

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