Plate Flower Cracks in Glass

flowers12September 14, 2012

I'm wondering if anyone knows why plates would get a crack running from the middle of a glued area out to the edge of the bottom plate? In the attached picture I have a strait line crack in the bottom plate running from the bottom of the blue vase straight out to the edge of the clear bottom plate. I've only had this happen about 4 times over the last 3 years but I can't figure out why it happens? I've had it happen on a small ceramic plate flower also.

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susie_gardener_2007(OK 7)

I had a friend who had an antique/junk shop and sold lots of glassware. She told me one time that glass will sometimes break just sitting on a shelf. It could be caused by heat or sunlight or it could even a stress fracture.

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I was thinking that somehow when the glue dried it put stress in a place where there may have been more glue to dry and that caused the crack. One good thing is that when I see that crack I can say "that's mine, going in my garden". The totems and flowers never fall apart so I can enjoy them instead of selling them and you can't see the crack at all in the garden.

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Could it be all the weight on that bottom plate. Does it happen in the garden where it is "planted"(dirt under that plate to take stress off. I can't tell much from pic, sorry! I think you do make yours a little taller than most people do so will be interesting to see if it has happened to others. You might put all your glass pieces on a scales before you put 1 together & see how much weight goes into 1. Jan

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Very clue why the crack. But your work is beautiful!

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Thank you. I'm enjoying it in my garden. In looking at the two totems that have the crack, in the picture you will see the blue vase one and the red vase one. The red totem has the crack on the top plate, I think you can see it. Then to the far right you see the purple totem which is very heavy and their is no cracks in the bottom plate. Strange. I'm just glad it happened to the red one because I just love it!

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Had the same thing happen to only two of my plate flowers. All I could think of is that the plates had a flaw. Just like you have had them in my garden, they have cracked more but still together!! Was wondering how if anyone has an good way to transport large totems that are on a plate base? Thanks, Sue

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Yes, transporting totems with or without the vase holder has been a real pain. I have 3 tall plastic tubs that I stand them up in and wrap blankets and towels around them so they don't hit each other. I can only get 4 maybe 5 in each tub. I'm sure someone out there has a better way of transporting them?

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