Flamingo ideas

laurastheme(8)September 7, 2010

I have a pink flamingo that I've attached to a pink rectangle bowl and attached a hat and glasses to his head. Now I need ideas on how to mount him. I tried 2 conduit poles. Didn't look right. I tried on conduit pole. Looked unbalanced. Now I'm thinking about putting him on a table or shelf. I have 2 boards that my husband made for me to mosaic and make into a table. It would be just the right size and I could put on my front porch. If have an idea for mounting and putting it in the garden I'm listening. It need to be at least waist high so that the glasses show up well.

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Very cute and I agree: would look good elevated in the garden so the features show up. What about setting him on some type of pedestal? or a birdbath base? Good luck!

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Try a large (maybe 3-4 inch diameter) piece of PVC painted pink.....just an idea....

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Concrete pillar or drain pipe(sewer pipe-new Ha!) He's very dapper in his cute hat & glasses!Jan

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I think the birdbath idea would work for "scale" with this pc. That pink bowl would set the flamingo up out of the water or bird seed with whatever you used for a bowl type base. Have fun! Jeanne S.

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How cute! I think he would look great in my garden! he-he It would be awesome if you could find a plate and other pottery ware to match him to turn him into a totem top. But the birdbath base or a painted bigger pipe (pvc or concrete) would be great too.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Yep, I agree. A big terra cotta pipe or pedestal or a tall mosaiced base of some sort with seashells and scallop shells and the flamingos rising up above colorful flowers planted all around would be nice, or in a birdbath was the 1st thing I thought of.

Just looking at the picture again. Looks like he/she's looking for food. It could sort of sit at the edge or be set just above a little pond of water and encorporate some cool water plants. I've seen pics of cute smaller scale water gardens done in a wash tub (or something not much bigger). Donna.

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