brown patch on zoysiagrass

GinngerJune 17, 2011

Is there an organic treatment that "really" works to eliminate brown patch and brown dead spots on Zoysiagrass?

If so, what is the formula and frequency of application?



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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I have some zoysia in my yard. What a pain!! There are a few zoysia lawns in my neighborhood that I watch carefully. They are all suffering from heat stress this year, but no disease. I need to find out which variety they have because these lawns have outlasted my predictions of doom by 2 years. My zoysia is more of an experiment than anything else. This year I am experimenting with recover from no water. So far watering it has not greened up anything.

I have never seen zoysia get a disease and recover from it all in one growing season. What I see is the lawn continuing to have a dead spot long after (successful???) treatment and only coming back with the following growing season. They probably neglected to tell you that when you were buying the grass.

The popular organic treatment for other grasses is ORDINARY corn meal, not corn GLUTEN meal. The application rate for prevention of disease is 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet per month. The app rate for cure is 20 (or more) pounds per 1,000. But even if you cure it in zoysia, it likely will not green up again this year.

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Thanks for the response! How is the corn meal applied? I assume with a dry casting spreadder? I have made one application of the reccomended chemical product and have to make another in about a month and then again. I had submitted a sample of the dead area and a growing area and found the Ph was low (4.6) in the dead and (6.1) in the living. One other thing concerning zoysia is that we probably are over feeding and leaving too much thatch. Like you said we do not know the problem areas with this grass when we plant it or sod with it

I'm not happy to hear that the brown and dead spots will be with us this year but if it comes back in the spring I can live with that.

Again, Thanks.... Ray

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