Where Can I Find Model Number - Briggs 550EX Series

shillnavMay 23, 2013

I"ve looked all the normal places, it's not engraved anywhere............. Has a decal on it with the serial number and the Family which is BBSXS.1401VB.................... When I use these numbers to try and pull up parts, diagrams, etc., I'm getting nothing. I need a model number.

It was manufactured in Dec. 2011

Thanks Much for any help................

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That's a smog number.

Model & Type are usually labeled as such.


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Already tried that............ Have worked on hundreds of Briggs and have never had a problem finding the numbers.... This 550ex is a new breed

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Model located near the OHV cover. Its on the housing to the right. Get a flash light and shine this looking in front on the engine view. On my customer mower, there is a scan code for serial #, below that on the metal housing you will see the model type code.
09P702-0005-F1.... since the 9p702 shows, we must add a 0 in front to get the 6 digits for the model.
Heres some more info on this new engine by Briggs.

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