Ammonium sulfate for grass?

palmtreeguyJune 24, 2010

Hello all. I purchased a home with bermuda grass throughout the front and back. I was wondering if it's ok to add fertilizer along with ammonium sulfate to the grass? I'm still learning the ropes on lawn care so any input will be very helpful.

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Ammonium sulfate IS a kind of fertilizer.

Most important for Bermuda is regular watering with 'enough" water and mowing to the right height. Get this lawn watering guide:

Skip the fertilizer until you get the watering and mowing figured out.

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Do some searching for the Bermuda Bible as it will answer most of your questions.

Bermuda is a nitrogen hog, and it needs lots of it, 1 pound per 1000/ft2 every 30 days.

Ammonia Sulfate is a fertilizer, but a piss poor one at that for most folks. It is 21% nitrogen which is a good thing, but 24% sulfur. Great to use if you have alkaline soils, but a disaster if you have neutral or acidic soils which most people have.

For Bermuda the best fertilizer you can use is a slow release urea formula like a 39-0-0.

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I am really concerned about the what was just put on my grass. I am really a novice at this, but think it is time for me to take charge. They put 25-005 50% ammonia sulfate on the lawn and it is dying. I am watering like crazy, but it makes no difference. Isn't it too late in the year for such a high content of ammonia sulfate?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

LJ it depends. If you have bermuda then you can get away with it. But if you have anything else, it would be a problem. Continue watering like crazy for a few days to wash it through.

If you want to fertilize you can use organic fertilizer but that's all.

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