elecric start will not start

buster100(5IN)May 2, 2011

I have a gravely riding mower model 927062. I was cutting grass and engine just died, no spurting so I figure electrical problem. Mower 25amp fuse for start circuit opened and replaced with good fuse. Will not turn over when switching key to start.

I hear start relay click when key to start. The start solenoid has 12vdc on one side then key to start, power does not go to other other terminal going to starter. So this would mean Solenoid is bad? Correct?

I want to verify or get thoughts, I do not think this would cause mower to just die.


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I wonder if you don't have a dead short somewhere.

When you say the dead fuse was replaced with a good one, was that a new fuse? Or did you check it if it's used?

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Well you need to do some more checking yourself. Can you turn the engine by hand - engine not seized? Have you tried jumping from battery directly to the starter? Are you sure the clicking you hear is not the "Interlock" rather than the starter solenoid?

You DID turn the PTO off before trying to start?

Engine model number is always helpful.

Walt Conner

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How old is the battery? Any battery more than 3-4 years old is usually not capable of starting the engine! Yeah, i know--some of you have used the same battery for 5-7 years, by putting an aspirin tablet in each hole, or closing yer eyes, putting a silver dollar in each hand, and jumping off the barn roof!
In my experience-the most i ever got from a battery was 3 years, or less.
Better check that battery. Is it the kind that might need distilled water every now and then. A lot of people neglect that important fact. Pry off the caps and look in the holes. If you can see water covering the tops of the plates, it is ok. If you can see the tops of the plates, get some distilled water, and yer wife's turkey baster, and insert some water into each hole, until it is slightly below the bottom of the threads. NOTE: Do not use City water! Use distilled water, or rain water in a pinch.

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IMPORTANT INFO: - buster, you've got walt2002 willing to help and asking for a little more information. Respond to him. He's one of the best on this forum!

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